Farm blog, on the rocks

One very smart farm blog I’ve been following for years is Walter Jeffries at Sugar Mountain Farm in Vermont.

Sugar Mountain Farm's very own cut chart.

Sugar Mountain Farm’s very own cut chart.

A lot of farmers with rocky barely-there soil whine about it. Sometimes a lot. The Jeffries-es don’t put up with that kind of sissy nonsense. They farm free-range pigs and feed them hay in winter in a couple designated areas to make their own stinkin’ soil.

They’re also building their own USDA-licensed slaughter and butcher shop, live in a tiny little concrete cottage that they built and cement-welded to the granite of the mountain themselves, and have taught at least one of their livestock guardian dogs to speak sign language. I don’t mean the dog understands hand signs. That’s a normal thing for dogs to do. I mean the dog speaks sign language and she will sign-linguistically sass you back if you try to stiff her on treats.

Awwww, bacon!

Awwww, bacon!

Check them out for your daily dose of DIY hardcore voyeurism; and/or useful tips that will come in handy next time you need to self-build your own interstate-trade-legal meat packing facility on top of a gorgeous yet godforsaken subarctic mountain. You know, depending on where you are in life.


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